Sunday, 9 November 2014

No Progress :(

I've been off racing for a few weeks. I have been a bit dismayed by my lack of progress in races lately. I know exactly what the problem is: I just cannot seem to get the car(s) rotated into the corners. Oh, and I seem to be having some trouble with my brake pedal.

So, addressing my problem, I decided to take a brake from races to improve my driving standards. Sticking exactly to my plan, after 15 mins of practice I joined a race at the Jefferson course of the Summit Point Raceway, in the reverse layout.

As usual, I did not come last by virtue of the fact I never spun out. Although I did almost get taken out by a flying Mazda!!!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

iRacing - Flaying Mazda: The Sequel!

So I racing the Production Cars championship at the Jefferson course (reverse) at Summit Point Raceway, minding my own business, doing really badly, when I *just* miss a Mazda flying over from the other side of the track!

In retrospect, I really wish I had save the race replay so I could see that incident in glorious detail, but sadly I didn't. I'll be putting the full race up in the coming days!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Space Engineers - A Tour of the Hiira Class Light Explorer

I've been spending many hours on Space Engineers lately and I thought I'd give a guided tour of my ever ship, the Hiira Class Light Explorer! This was the first ship I ever made in Space Engineers and it's made using completely vanilla content. Take the guided tour below:

The Hiira Class is a ship designed to be taken into survival mode to be used as a starting ship. In survival, you'd normally have to start with some amount of "Platform" on an asteroid, with refineries and such to set you off. I didn't like the idea of turning up and building an epic space station, when you turn up ON part of a space station. I felt it would be a better experience to "arrive" in a ship, as if you'd travelled there.

It's an as-compact-as-I-like vessel in which every major Space Engineers toolkit is provided. However, it has very little armour and only a few weapons, hence it is unlikely to see of Cargo Ships or Meteor Showers (both of which I'd want in survival) and that's where I think the balance comes in. It does also have more limited cargo capacity than I initially thought.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

GTA IV - A Winter Emergency

"It's the first day of snow as an earlier than normal winter grips Liberty City.  With the snowfall catching the city off-guard, traffic accidents in the busy Algonquin district have stretched the emergency services to the limit. To try and help, an ambulance carrying a team of A&E doctors is dispatched to the Holland Hospital Centre to help alleviate the pressure." - LC News

Story over: All events in this video are, of course, completely fictional. This was also an attempt to show off my skin for the ambulance, in what was my first ever skin effort for GTA IV. For better pictures of the skin, see my previous post:

It's good to get back to making videos! :)


So, I finally got back to making videos of GTA IV and, attempting to do a blue light run, I manage what I have done oh so many times in racing, that is to crash in the most stupid manner possible. So there...... FEAR MY RETURN TO GTA!!!!!

GTA IV - My First Ever Skin!

So I've wanted to try skinning for some time in GTA IV, but I've never been sure how to start. I've always been told "Try Google", but I hate that and I'm not a very good googler (I can never find what I need). So some kind people over on the British police Mods group kindly pointed me in the right direction, for which I was immensely grateful. Don't know about the group? Get yourself involved with the BPM youtube page. Once you've subscribed your way over there, try out some mods, and get involved by commenting in the videos and asking how you can get involved with the facebook group.
The skin itself is fictional and I drew influences from the UK Ambulance Services and the Danish Politti (police). It's based around a fictional (but UK-based) society where everything has a militaristic nature (hence the 184th Division). You'll also see this in how I've arranged the police ped skins, that are part of the fictional Liberty City Metropolitan Police. I think I will do more skinning in the not so distant future, but at the moment I do suffer from an unstable game setup, so I can't really enjoy the game or mine or anyone else's mods properly. :(
 I hope y'all like my first ever attempt at reskinning and hopefully there will be more GTA content to come!

Space Engineers- Torpedo Testing with some bite!!!

So a couple of days ago, I posted a video showing my first torpedo test in Space Engineers. In reality, it was just a peculiarly phallic shaped object hitting into a ship at high speed. But now, I've finally worked out a proper detonation mechanism to really give the torpedo some punch - Check out the results below!!!!! (See my previous post for more details about the torpedo)

Monday, 3 November 2014

Space Engineers - Torpedo Testing (First Test)

I've been playing Space Engineers a lot recently, and I've started expanding my designing. With one class completely made, and it's refit underway, as well as the construction of two more classes underway, I got to thinking about large scale offensive capabilities. This video is my first attempt at stringing all the concepts together into a functional system.

I'm not 100% sure if the warheads actually detonated or not, but they were at least destroyed in the collision. More testing will be required to get the detonation mechanism nailed down.

The torpedo itself has generally torpedo-like qualities - why fix what isn't broken! Cylindrical in shape to minimise the forward profile to prevent detection and countermeasures. The red passageway on the top of the torpedo (0:12) is the access hatch to the torpedo interior, which actually turned out to be surprising spacey (I will probably show it off once it's more finalised). The merge block visible on the right hand side is part of the launching mechanism.

This torpedo test was done against the standard Space Engineers "Red Ship".