GTA IV - Mod List

This page is a list of all the mods I use in my GTA:IV videos that you can find on my youtube channel: This is for the reference of anyone who might want to find a mod they've seen in my videos, that I haven't directly featured. I will keep this page up to date with what mods I am using and will also keep a list of the mods I have stopped using, so that people can find the mods even if I've stopped using them.

Major Mods:
Liberty City Police Department: First Responders (LCPD:FR) v1.1 by Sam

Emergency Lighting System (ELS) V8.5 by Lt. Caine

GTA IV Snow Mod V2 by Jumbo0 (Not currently in use)

ENB Settings:
Vison ENB V1.5 by Jaso87:

Vehicle Mods:
Ford Focus Estate by BritishPoliceMods

Vauxhall Astra Estate by BritishPoliceMods

Volvo V70 by BritishPoliceMods

BMW 330 Saloon by  British Police Mods

BMW X5 by BritishPoliceMods

Unmarked BMW X5 by Double Doppler

Volkswagen MK6 Unmarked by BritishPoliceMods

Ford Tourneo by Double Doppler

Mercedes Sprinter by Double Dopple

Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance by BritishPoliceMods

Scania AB Fire Tender by espace72 (Model by BritishPoliceMods)

Taxis, Buses & Council Vehicles by Double Doppler

Pedestrian Mods:
Pedestrians - Ultimate British Police Pack by Double Doppler

Hats - Gendarmerie Beret by ltgwen

Scripts and Other Mods:
Whelen Sirens by sergiyj:

Traffic Flow V5R2 by Sam

Traffic Spawner V0.6 by cp702

Google Maps Minimap

Square Map

British Police Dispatcher

Replaced Mods:
Please note that this list was created in April 2015 - any videos before this are not currently included in this list. I may backdate in the future if I get a request to do so.

Ford Focus Unmarked by Double Doppler

Volvo V70 by Double Doppler

Mercedes Sprinter by Gaming Angel

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