Friday, 28 February 2014

Some Racing Clips

I recently stumbled across these wonderful incidents from my days of single player Race07 - Enjoy!

PAYDAY 2 Series: A Heist Gone Wrong

So me and my friends have been playing Payday 2 on a regular basis for some time now. We have accumulated many many hours of footage. The funniest (and least offensive) material is making its way to Youtube as time allows.

To start with, we'll be posting full games showing the painful hilarity of us getting to know the game. Once we start getting into our routine, we'll whittle it down to the funnies.

Hope you enjoy, here's what's online so far:

Monday, 10 February 2014

Back to racing!

So, in the rare few minutes I get off each week from university work and real work, I've taken up iRacing! It's time to put my brilliant new equipment as well as my skills to the test against some highly skilled racers online. And how do I stack up? Well, not great (see below)!

Oh well, I'm still getting used to a new sim, as well as my new equipment, on tracks and cars I've never really driven before. While you might think I'm just making excuses for myself, well I am, but these things are very important! - particularly because of the licence and safety rating that iRating uses, but more on that later on! For now, if anyone wants to see my full second (and most successful) race, it's linked here:

My friend encouraged me to start iRacing, he's been doing it for year. Some of his videos are great and his channel is well worth checking out. Below is my favourite, and remember - this is perfectly legal!