Gem Awards

The Hibblejaybob Gem Award is an award to celebrate an amazing product despite any criticisms posted in the reviews. As part of gaming journalism, criticisms are everywhere, but that shouldn't always detract from the recommendation of getting this product for yourself.

So the Hibblejaybob Gem Award is awarded to products that have overcome any of my own criticisms to earn a strong recommendation from myself.

Recipients of the Hibblejaybob Gem Award by category:

LCPD:First Response - GTA:IV - 4/2/15
Mass Effect Improved Textures Mod - Mass Effect - 4/2/15
Sofia Follower Mod - Skyrim - 5/3/15

Solve-It-Blocks - iOS & Android - 11/2/15
Space Hoppers: Bubble Beach Party - iOS - 4/2/15



The *beautiful* design was hand crafted in MS Paint by Hibblejaybob herself.

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