Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Well everyone, the last few months have been a rather interesting introduction to the wacky world of game reviewing. Over that time I've picked up alot of traffic and even have some regular viewers and subscribers on Youtube. Hopefully regular visitors will start to pick up here too! And to entice that in, I have along list of reviews and discussions to make after the new year that should hopefully offer more gameplay, more interaction and discussion for me and hopefully some funny moments too.

My joined Christmas/Birthday present arrived yesterday morning (the photo). Spent a few hours wiring it up and getting all the settings sorted, so hopefully when I get some more time off, I can really test this beast out! I can hardly wait!

So with my ever expanding Steam and hardware aresnal, for those who have been reading for some time - and for those just looking just now - there is much more yet to come!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Test Drive Tuesday: Bentley Speed 8

A small post for now (still exam season): I had taken some time off for a new car in the Test Drive Tuesday list - last week was a repeat of one I already did, and the week before was a variant of one I already done as well! So today was the 2003 Bentley Speed 8, a 24hrs of Le Mans prototype car. It's a beautiful car and really fun to drive. It has great stability and can brake almost as hard as a Formula 1 car. Its also good in straight line acceleration, but can be quite squirrelly accelerating out of corners. Other than that, I had no major problems with the car it was fun to drive and I didn't kill myself all too often!

There is some video footage, but I wont get time to sort all that out until after Christmas. So for now here's how the car stacked up:
  • At Daytona and Bristol Motor Speedways, the Speed 8 weighed in 7th (of 17) overall and 3rd in class (of 4, Class: GTX - Prototype and Supercars)
  • At Martinsville Motor Speedway, Watkins Glen and Laguna Seca the Speed 8 took 3rd place overall (of 17) and was 1st in class - beaten only by McLaren Formula 1 cars of 2013 and 1988!
  • At Longstone pass the Speed 8 managed to pass the 1988 McLaren to take 2nd overall!
  • Looking at combined times; for the 3 oval tracks, the Speed 8 is 7th overall, but falls to last in class (4th). But for the road tracks it triumphantly takes first in class by over 10 seconds and takes 3rd overall!
  • Again in the combined times, for speed tested tracks, its 5th overall and takes 2nd in class, behind the Zonda R. For stability tested tracks, it takes 3rd overall (again, behind the F1 cars) and 1st in class. Finally, in braking tested tracks, the Speed 8 takes 2nd overall and 1st in class.
  • All tracks combined, the Bentley Speed 8 is the 3rd fastest car I've tested in the Test Drive Tuesday series - beaten only (again) by the McLaren MP4-28 and the MP4/4.