Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I'm Not Dead!

So new year was a good time for my previous work: new years day brought the 2000th view to the Youtube channel and recently, I got my 10th Subscriber. Small victories - not bad for a few months work!  I know I've posted nothing this side of the year, this is because of University. With me being in my final year, most of my time will be dedicated to my studies and research for the next few months.

Rest assured! I do still have a plan to put more stuff online, just finding the time to make and edit it might be a struggle. I've got plans for a couple of little documentaries as well as reviews and videos of games and mods. Those that liked the videos of the LCPDFR mods, more of those will be appearing to show off the new LCPDFR 1.0, pretty much as soon as I can get the game to bloody work.

My pet-project of Simraceway's Test Drive Tuesday videos is pretty much at an end now too. They seem to be just repeating cars that have already been done. There will be more racing action to come, but on a variety of different simulators.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I get some time off to do some videos!