Sunday, 6 April 2014


Now that my project is over with and I have a short break before exams, I can get back to the wonderful world of video games! Before last week, I hadn't fired up a game in anger in almost a month. Been playing some Titanfall and also had a night on the town with LCPD:FR. This was largely just a test of stability, but I ended up having alot of fun and I made 4 short (ok, short by my standard) videos showing off some of the more interesting calls.

Upon seeing some wonderful ENB's for the GTA IV, I tried to play with them installed, however the frame rate I get can be counted on just two hands, so I've decided that now is the time to look at upgrading my graphics card. The graphics card is the only component of my computer that was original to machine when I got it, and for the last year or so, it has become more and more noticeably obsolete. So In the coming weeks, I hope to get and install a new one! Expect my videos to be a lot more pwetty!

In the mean time, I leave you with the videos I put up today!