Sunday, 29 June 2014

My shortest race in iRacing!

Did a lot of racing this week on iRacing. The pinnacle of the events was supposed to be the Mazda MX-5's at Summit Point Raceway, but that race turned out to be my shortest in my iRacing career so far *sadface*.

Here's what happened:

Back to LCPD:FR

Been trying to get back to LCPD:FR for GTA IV recently, but I'm having a lot of trouble with stability for the moment. I've also updated my vehicle lists with new works, and also older works that I really like. Time allowing, I'll do another post on the vehicle mods I use. For now, credit lists can be found on my latest LCPD:FR videos.

The stability issues have prevented me getting to enjoy LCPD:FR much lately, but I've made a couple of videos of my adventures during my burn-in tests. Enjoy!

High Speed Ambulance Escorts

I've done a good few videos over the past while showing the police and ambulance services going about their work. While I have a great appreciation for the work they do, one of aspects I am particularly impressed by is ambulances on high priority responses, being escorted by the police.

These ambulance escorts require great care and implementation so the ambulance can reach it's destination safely, with the police going fast enough to get the ambulance there promptly, but not so fast that the police leave their ambulances behind! There's already an ambulance escort video on my youtube channel (, but here's another two fantastic examples I've caught with my dash cam over the past few weeks:

Street Cars at Charlotte Motor Speedway Trio!

Another couple of days in iRacing, doing a trio of races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.The races weren't hugely successful - being blighted by several crashes - but they were fun and I did finally get out of my rookie oval licence which is always good!

I'll be following these videos up with highlights at the bottom of the videos for those that don't want to see absolutely everything.

I'll do another post when I've got the highlights done, but for now, here's the full videos:

More Emergency Videos

Another collection of ambulance and police clips from around Edinburgh and the Lothian and Borders.

Back To Racing

Put these videos online a while ago. I've been getting back to iRacing, making videos of my journey through the rookie categories and onwards. I'm starting to get back into road racing, although I am still regularly doing oval races too.

The first video is my first road race in a long while, where I had a great save from a first lap incident. After several ups and downs, finished 4th which was not too bad.

The second is one of the few oval races I've ever done where it has been clean, constant racing from start to finish and was the best race at the time for me!