Saturday, 25 October 2014

Getting to grips with Game Stock Car Extreme.......

...... Or at least getting friendly with their tyre barriers anyway!

I've had Game Stock Car 2013 (and with the free update GSC Extreme) for a while and haven't been able to give it much time. I decided to change that and get to grips with the updated vehicles. I went through all the Formulas, from Vee to Extreme, and I made a reel of the crashes from practices and racing for all to see! I've been spending some time putting some mods on, and I've been really enjoying the game as a whole. Hopefully I'll get some free time and you can expect to see some good racing videos in the near future!

Recap - A new venture! - Emergency 4

After seeing several discussions of Emergency 4, and various mods for it, I decided I'd give it a bash. I've not done a proper review yet, nor have a I done any of the campaign missions. There is a freeplay mode in which you have a city that will experience a wide variety of situations that you need to safely respond to. I did a fairly long freeplay mode video which you can watch below. I plan on doing more videos and reviews on Emergency 4 and its mods in the future.

Recap - Emergency Services in Scotland

I've not been out and about all that much lately, but I've been out enough to get a few good clips as part of my Emergency Services in Scotland series. There's clips involving the fire brigade, police, accidents and ambulances! Enjoy the 3 videos below:

Recap - iRacing

I've only done a few races on iRacing since I've been away and I've only put one online. It was a reasonably good race, right up until I smashed my car into the barriers on the last lap! You can see that the clip above, and you can watch the full race below:

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Some Time Off

So I've been pretty quiet on here the past month - I've been catching up on work and haven't had time for making videos! However, I'm back and I have some new video making software I'm eager to try out, so I'm going to try to be a little more active here and on YouTube.

So with that in mind, check out the posts to follow (^^^ That way ^^^), were I'll be recapping what you missed from my YouTube posts!